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FIM Mototour of Races 2022

For the first time, in 2022, new touring format was introduced - FIM Mototour of Races (MoR). The idea behind MoR is to get together the world of motorcycle touring and motorcycle races under the aegis of FIM.The event took place in San Marino and was organised by FSM (Federazione Sammarinese Motociclistica).

MoR was held from 31.8.2022. to 6.9.2022. 

During the meeting we had great trips around San Marino and Italy's province of Rimini, we met with motorcycle sport riders, and were greeted by Presidents of Rimini in a spectacular Palace.

FIM Mototour of Races 2022

This year, we are starting a new FIM Touring event type - FIM Mototour of Races!

Dates: 31.8.2022. - 6.9.2022.

It is an event to join two motorcycle riding passions together - Motorcycle Touring and Motorcycle Racing - visiting MotoGP of San Marino!

For all the touring riders:
we are going to enjoy fabulous San Marino and neigbour Italy sites, visit famous museums, meet important people and have fun!

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