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20.000 Lieux Sur les Mer

This event takes place in Switzerland in the center of the Valais Alps. It is surprising to have a meeting in the form of a discovery rally which asks participants to go to 20 sites (waypoint) controlled by a tracker. By ring road of two points you can choose them out of the 60 offered to cover 20 hours. You also have to ride your motorcycle crossing a cumulative altitude of 20,000 m. This event is organized for the pleasure of visiting spectacular and magnificent places in the middle of the Alps. The participant can register either for 1 continuous rally at 8:00 p.m.

24º Lés a Lés OnRoad

Created in 1999 as a unique adventure connecting the two furthest points of the country in a 24 hours non-stop stage, ‘Portugal de Lés-a-Lés’ has evolved and adapted to the times without losing the identity that makes it one of the most important motorcycle tourism events in Europe. Nowadays the biggest motorcycle touring caravan in the world uses 4 days, with the first one for technical and document check and an opening ride (Passeio de Abertura).

46 Volta a Mallorca

THE 46th VOLTA A MALLORCA, is the third gathering in the World Touring Challenge, in June the 5th, with thousands of participants going around the isle, for wonderful roads, and the organizers have a special offer for the tickets for the ferries and the hotels.

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