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After 2 years of cancellations due to Covid, we restarted the iconic FIM Rally for its 75. edition!

FIM Rally took place in Ferropolis, Germany. There were 496 participants from 22 countries!


Receiving and registering participatns, and getting ready to start with Arrival control on Day1


Arrival control day. We welcomed 22 nations at Main Square in Dessau. Participants were greeted by local spectators and national anthems were played.

In the evening, the event was formally opened


Excursion to Bitterfeld. We were greeted by Mayor of Bitterfeld, learned about the town history, and then we did a research of our own...

In the evening we presented FIM Interclubs, Junior Meritum, young riders, and oldest and youngest rider awards.


Parade of Nations ending in Market Square in Wittenberg. Participans went exploring the city of Martin Luther and had a great time.

In the evening we held a price giving ceremony. After that dance and fun. See you all next year in Zaragoza, Spain

Official results can be found HERE


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