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Shaping the future on two wheels

During a couple of decades, danish motorcycle riders and parents has combined those two things,

that they love most, in a motorcycle meeting whith the children in focus

During the 1980ies a group of motorcycleriders decided, that they also wanted their offspring to be

a part of the life with and around the motorcyle.

It was not a problem to bring children along either as pillionrider or in a sidecar, but the common

motorcycle meeting was mostly based on fun for the adults.

After some years it formed into a more structural organisation, and they decided to organsie it every

summer in the week 29 and change every second year from western part of Denmark to the eastern


- Today we have people coming here who was children at the first meetings and now are here either

as parents or even grandparents, says 2021 organiser, Martin Andersen.

He and his group has found a campground, where the owner also rides motorcycle.

Although the ”Boernetraef”, as it is called in danish, is more quiet than other traditional motorcycle

meetings, the laughter and screams of joy from the youngsters give some extra sound on the

campsite, but every guest has got the info, that there will be some more noise in that week, and all

has accepted it.

Wisely enough the organsier has put the tent for the teenagers as far away as possible, but they

know, that loud music is a no-go after 2300 in the evening.

The activities are widespread, but among them are competitions between families, treasurehunt and

the big clou at the last day: The Ring Riding.

It's a competition said to be from the mideval times, where a rider on a horse had to catch a ring

hanging from a band with the tip of a spear or lance.

Here the horserider is sitting on a motorcycle either at the pillion or in the sidecar and with a

wooden stick catch the ring hanging in a clip.

The track was build in the camping and the speed is extremely low, so not only has the children to

be careful to find the hole in the ring. The adult on the bike has to ride slow without touching the


The participants are either staying in tents or cabins and the evening before it's all over there is two

”discos”. One for the youngest and there is no acces for adults there or even parents, because the

kids love to have a space, where they can dance, play or just laugh a lot with no interfrence from

mommy or daddy.

Over the years it has mostly been danish riders with children, but this year a father from Iceland and

his daughter decided to try the childrens meet.

Although ”Boernetraef” was on the FIM Touring Calender this year, Einar Vallson with his nine

year old daughter Maggie found the way after they saw it on social media.

- It's a very good event and we are already talking about coming here next year, he says.

Because of Covid-19 the event was cancelled in 2020, but is now back on track with appoximately

240 participants in total in 2021.

Find more info of a various number and types of motorcycle touring meetings at the FIM/CTL



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