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Welcome to FIM Touring Web - Home of International Motorcycle Touring!

FIM Touring is the home for international touring & leisure motorcycle riders.

On this page you can find information about our worldwide events where you can participate and enjoy motorcycling. Take a look at our calendar for more info.

If you are an organiser of an event, you can apply to be included in our calendar.

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What do we do?


FIM Classic Touristic Gatherings

FIM Rally, FIM Motocamp, FIM Rendez-Vous Meritum, FIM Mototour of Nations, FIM Mototour of Races


FIM Touring Gatherings

FIM Touring World Challenge, FIM International Touring Meetings


FIM "SPECIAL" Touristic Gatherings

FIM Adventure Touring, FIM Vintage, FIM Endurance Touring

What is FIM?

FIM is the “Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme” or the International Motorcycling Federation. It was founded in Paris in 1904 and presently consists of more than 100 member countries around the world. FIM is the world advocate for motorcycling activity as well as the governing body for most motorcycle sport. The FIM has a number of “Commissions”, which are committees covering different areas of motorcycling.

What is CTL?

CTL is the FIM’s Commission for Touring and Leisure, it organizes and promotes motorcycle touring and other leisure motorcycling activities throughout the world.


Motorcycle touring involves riding your motorcycle on public roads for recreation and travel. This may be visiting other countries or different areas to experiencing the local culture and scenic sites.

Why should you join the FIM FAMILY?

FIM Touring events give riders the opportunity to travel to established events in various countries, knowing that they can meet new friends that have similar interests involving motorcycle touring. They can travel to these events without the restrictions of fixed routes and schedules allowing riders to explore other countries at their own pace. They will also benefit from learning about great new riding routes and experiences.

CTL events will provide safe and interesting locations to gather with these people to have fun and recreation. It also allows opportunities to learn from experienced touring riders from many different countries. Long time friendships can develop, which can enhance your touring activity. CTL is at present investigating the implementation of a loyalty card that will provide cardholders with many benefits and discounts which will be valuable for touring activity.

In addition to the personal benefits derived from attending these events, there is the knowledge that you are supporting a well established, respected organization that is advocating for motorcycle touring and recreation. FIM is active in road safety promotion, training and government education and lobbying on your behalf. FIM also supports a clean environment and sustainable motorcycling activity. These values are highlighted at all our events along with commitment to fair play and social responsibility.

So why not get involved with FIM and the events sponsored by the CTL? You will be rewarded with new experiences, friends and the knowledge that you are part of an organization that supports and promotes the activities that you, as a motorcyclist, so enjoy.