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Tunisia Moto Adventure Tour 2022

The Tunisia Moto Adventure tour 2022 takes you to discover the magnificent landscapes of southern Tunisia with tracks and roads as varied, as they are rich in driving pleasure and escape. After a night in a 5-stars hotel in the capital Tunis, departure for the center through small roads and tracks between mountains and valleys for a second night in the city of Kairouan.

7º Lés a Lés Off Road

Crossing a country with such varied landscapes on off-road is something difficult to achieve in Europe as in other continents. In Portugal it’s still possible to do it every year, in October, over three entire days, from the northern border of the country to the Algarve Coast.

Transitalia Marathon

Transitalia Marathon is an itinerant off-road event that has become a must on the international scene of MotoTurismo Italia.

The unique and fascinating itinerary, however, is not the only magical feature of the event: the always smiling staff, the obsessive care of every detail by the organization, the atmosphere that you breathe in the Villages of great welcome to everyone and not least the feeling of finding yourself in a group of people who share the same passion in complete safety and involvement.

Lés-a-Lés Offroad 2021

Wrapping up the amazing three days of adventure, discovery, and fun. From Terras do Barroso to the Algarve mountains, from Estrela to the Alentejo plains, from the cliffs over the Corgo river to the Alqueva water mirror, from the pine forests of Oleiros to the beaches of Lagoa. Because of this diversity Portugal is made and on this discovery the success of Lés-a-Lés is based. We can’t wait for the next year!

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