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The tradition in FIM is, that all commissions and their members meet in the first months of the year to prepare the season in sport and riding.

This year the 2022 meetings was held in the french City Divonne les Bains close to Geneva and among the meetings was of course also meeting of the touring commission, that now feel the air of spring in more ways.

After the pandemic, the ”hunger” for coming out riding motorcycle to events is growing by the motorcyclists, and the commission has prepared for more than 20 FIM approved events througout the year.

The first is held in Guatemala and from there the number rises and among them the first classical event in France, where Motocamp is organised in Le Theil.

In July the biggest and oldest classic event – the FIM Rally – is organised in Ferropolis near Wittenberg southwest of Berlin and when the year turns to october most events has then been held.

The meeting in Divonne les Bains collected 12 of the 21 members of CTL, with those still affected by the pandemic, attending online.


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